Sponsored Content: New Technology & IBM i: The Power Couple

We’re all aware that technology moves at an incredible pace. And even though the business and finance world looks to new technology for opportunity, there is still the requirement for dependability, security and reliability to keep the business running.

The IBM i platform has managed to provide the best of both worlds for the last 30 years (or 38, if you include the System/36 and System/38). IBM i offers dependability and reliability along with the opportunity to embrace new technology.

IBM provides us with all of the tools we need through open-source and database enhancements. IBM Cloud provides a gateway to big data, artificial intelligence and a host of other cognitive features. We live in a world where mobile means technology is constantly at our finger tips. In fact, more people in the world own a smartphone than own a toothbrush.

How do we combine and make use of all of these incredible technologies? IBM i is no longer (and hasn’t been for quite a while) just the “core business” number cruncher—the “good old reliable” that works away quietly in the background. It’s at the bleeding edge of technology.

Just imagine what it will be like when we all write applications that merge off of these technologies with the dependability and reliability of IBM i.

Paul Tuohy

CEO of ComCon and co-founder of the RPG & DB2 Summit, Paul consults with IBM i teams on how to best modernize their applications and provides technical training.