Sponsored Content: New RPG, New RPGers

Today’s RPG bears very little resemblance to what many people think of as “RPG.”

Consider the magnitude of its evolution. The advent of functions—both built-in and user-written—changed the way we put applications together. RPG’s flexibility in accessing Db2* data has long been a strength. These days, it readily adapts to ever-changing data requirements with capabilities such as native XML parsing and support for external custom parsers for JSON and others. Open Access provides simplified ways to interact with data, devices and even web services.

One thing hasn’t changed about RPG: its simplicity and flexibility for business applications. Even in this more complex IT environment, today’s RPGers can concentrate more on their business logic than the plumbing required to access new data, devices and technologies.

In addition to using new capabilities, most modern RPGers now use Rational* Developer for i and other development tools to increase their productivity and application reliability. Many have also embraced open-source languages and tools to complement their RPG application base.

RPGers are sometimes accused of being behind the times, sticking to “that old language.” In reality, RPG is a modern, vibrant and still rock-solid foundation for business applications. Modern RPG developers who have kept up deserve credit for the many transitions they and their applications have made over the years.

Susan Gantner

A developer, trainer and IBM i evangelist, Susan is part of Partner400 and System i Developer, hosts of the RPG & DB2 Summit events.