Sponsored Content: IBM i Modernization: If you Don’t do it, Someone Else Will.

In my experience, either you will refactor your monolith to make it maintainable or your successor will replatform your application. It’s not RPG or IBM i that’s the problem. It’s the uncontrollable monolith, QED.

As an IT strategist, I speak to many IT leaders who worry about RPG developers retiring. IBM i and RPG are some of the only industry offerings that support 40-plus years of backward compatibility. While this provides some benefits, there are costs associated with using 40-year-old techniques. These costs can include resourcing challenges, compromising on what you deliver to clients and not implementing the efficiencies that your organization needs to be competitive.

A client recently refactored their RPG into RPG Free and hired five developers from the local university. These young developers picked up RPG Free and were productive within a few weeks. This is just one example of why modernization is so important.

With a clear roadmap and a strategy, you can address resourcing concerns while meeting current and future business needs.

Mike Pavlak
IT strategist, Fresche Solutions

As an IT strategist at Fresche, Mike helps companies tackle the challenges of IBM i modernization and open-source technologies.