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One Team, Working Together

Rational Team Concert for Power makes vital collaboration easy

Rational Team Concert for Power makes vital collaboration easy
Illustration by Ted Wright

Software-development teams face constant pressure to rapidly respond to new business requirements, improve quality and control costs to give their organizations a competitive edge. At the same time, the complexity of our IT systems is growing.

Long gone are the days when a single platform and programming language were sufficient. Today’s applications are composed of multiple user interfaces, Web-service interfaces and business logic running on diverse platforms using several languages and technologies. Often, different teams within an organization handle the application’s various components, with each team following its own process and using different tools for planning, tracking work items and source changes, and performing builds.

These disparities create risk. New requirements and system changes wind up broken into pieces and assigned to the teams responsible for each part of the system. With no single place to plan and track dependencies, teams may fall out of sync or end up blocked, waiting for changes from another team. Code releases that are missing requirements from another team or that end up being incompatible may be released.

Using disparate tools also incurs a financial cost—both within a team and across multiple teams. Historically, organizations have acquired individual tools, from software vendors and open source, to address each phase of development, including planning, work tracking, source control and build. This leads to a proliferation of tools, each with its own user interface, user profile management, logic and storage.

Ultimately, this swells administration costs to support the different servers and databases and unique skills required to manage and use the individual tools. Point-to-point integration among the tools, often done using scripts and custom coding, is usually functionally weak, brittle and costly to maintain.

Don Yantzi is the product manager for Rational Developer for Power Systems Software and Rational Team Concert for Power Systems Software.

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One Team, Working Together

Rational Team Concert for Power makes vital collaboration easy

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