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Systems Director 6.3 brings virtualization power to IBM i

Systems Director 6.3 brings virtualization power to IBM i

The business climate has never been more challenging. You face resource constraints at every turn—not just in budget and staffing, but in space and power. You need to deliver new products and services to your customers, but your IT department has all it can do just to maintain your computing environment. Mixed workloads on multiple platforms give rise to computing silos, overly specialized staff, underutilized assets, and a disconnected business and IT infrastructure. Instead of spending their time innovating, your admins are busy managing your infrastructure. Obscured views, inadequate governance and operational disconnects lead to lost opportunities and unnecessary risk. You need to build a smarter infrastructure. You need IBM Systems Director for Power Systems* environments.

Available as downloadable software or built into the Systems Director Management Console (SDMC), Systems Director is an integrated management tool that lets IT departments optimize system performance and stability while minimizing the amount of time and effort they expend making it happen. Systems Director 6.3, the newest release, boasts an enhanced set of capabilities for the Power Systems platform, including improved IBM i support and a totally refreshed set of Systems Director editions for maximum flexibility. “It’s the culmination of a year of work,” says Ian Robinson, virtualization product line manager, IBM Systems and Technology Group (STG). “We’re layering on support for new platforms, new hypervisors and new generations of products from IBM.”

Systems Director strips the complexity out of managing your computing assets. Suddenly, your IT staff has the power to administer all of your platforms through a single common console and interface. No longer do you need to dedicate an admin to each platform. Once they learn the steps for a given task, they can apply them across the board. “Increasingly, people managing resources must have the skill set to manage not just, say, servers but networking and storage as well,” Robinson observes. “We’re delivering a common GUI that allows them to manage all these resources without having to jump to a different product.”

Systems Director lets users manage both physical and virtual resources from a single console, which represents an important advance over typical virtualization layers. Most hypervisors feature a dedicated GUI. However effective it might be, it only allows the user to manage virtual machines. To monitor or control a physical machine, users need to exit the hypervisor and open a different application, which takes time and requires them to learn and navigate yet another tool. Systems Director makes it easy to manage all of your company’s assets at once.

The tool also automates data-center operations, speeding provisioning and deployment. It enables staffers to easily monitor system operations, configure new systems, and update firmware and drivers. Coupled with automated discovery and topology views, Systems Director simplifies troubleshooting and increases system availability. Automated alert functions allow it to detect, for example, when storage exceeds 90 percent, then execute a command to back up and delete noncritical files and send notification emails to the administrator. Systems Director gets your IT department off the maintenance treadmill, setting them free to innovate.

“We have a tight integration that’s not available from the commodity platform vendors.” —Ian Robinson, virtualization product line manager, IBM STG

Kristin Lewotsky is a freelance technology writer based in Amherst, N.H.

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