Simplifying Business Analytics

The challenge in implementing business analytics is keeping the focus on using the tools, not developing the tools. “The IT industry is facing a grand challenge to simplify the operation of key infrastructure components,” says Linton Ward, Power Systems* chief engineer for integrated systems, IBM Systems and Technology Group. IBM’s Smart Analytics System takes the difficulty out of integrating and running a business-analytics platform, letting enterprises spend more time gaining insights than building infrastructure.

The Smart Analytics System provides:

  • Full integration: A pretested, prewired, fully integrated stack removes the burden of component selection.
  • Balanced performance: Storage, network and server components provide robust performance for demanding workloads with many concurrent users and mixed short- and long-running query types.
  • Stability: From components to architecture and data layout, the platform supplies an extremely stable business-analytics environment, ensured by rigorous lab stress testing.
  • Fault tolerance: A fully redundant hardware design with spare capacity ensures resilience in the face of unplanned outages.
  • Scalability: Modular server and storage design provides scalability.
  • High availability: The system guarantees high availability at the server level via the hot-standby implementation and within the disks with a robust RAID design and fully integrated failover automation software. Coherent updates eliminate exposure to inconsistent firmware levels.
  • Price/performance: The hardware and software yield an attractive price-to-performance solution.