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AIX Health Check

AIX Health Check

AIX Health Check offers software aimed at proactively detecting configuration abnormalities or other issues that may keep AIX* and PowerHA* clustered systems from performing optimally. Key benefits include:

→Improves AIX system health by automatically scanning the system for any known issues, and providing suggestions to resolve any issue found
→Runs hundreds of checks in minutes Reduces manual checking and monitoring of systems
→Avoids system outages by discovering misconfigurations proactively
→Can be automated to run at set intervals
→Verifies AIX systems audit and federal regulations compliancy
→Inventories the configuration of the AIX system
→Creates reports in CSV, text or HTML format—and can send email reports
→Helps standardize AIX system configurations
→Educates AIX administrators on AIX best practices


PRICE: $2,500

(unlimited systems)

URL: www.aixhealthcheck.com

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