SPHiNX Delivers Flexibility, Performance for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Montreal, Quebec - May 10, 2016--ETI SPHiNX™ delivers new capabilities to backup and disaster recovery through expanded performance and flexibility. The company has announced the release of the SPHiNX 9.4 software and new SPHiNX CS, ES, NS, and WS appliance-based platforms. The latest release delivers improved speed, an unlimited file system vault size limit, and expands the available capacity up to 144TB of internal storage (based on 2:1 compression).

The world’s leading virtual tape solution for IBM Power Systems, SPHiNX delivers faster backups, streamlined disaster recovery and significant cost savings to help customers dramatically reduce the complexity of data protection. ETI SPHiNX, a wholly owned subsidiary of ETI-NET, is the new owner of the SPHiNX technology following a recent acquisition from StrongBox Data Solutions, Inc. in late March.

Offering complete disaster recovery capabilities for mid-range server and open system host environments, the SPHiNX 9.4 release provides a new built-in feature called Remote Delta Transfer. Similar to deduplication, SPHiNX Remote Delta Transfer significantly reduces the amount of data that must be sent across the network during replication, thus improving bandwidth efficiency while saving organizations both time and money.

ETI SPHiNX will showcase the release of SPHiNX 9.4 and one of the new platforms in booth #603 at the 2016 COMMON Annual Meeting and Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana.

"We are proud to welcome ETI SPHiNX to the ETI-NET product family," said Sylvain Tétreault, Vice President – Reseller Management at ETI SPHiNX. "This year's COMMON event is the perfect opportunity to showcase the latest SPHiNX platforms, purpose built for IBM Power

Systems environments. SPHiNX’s unique ability to solve data protection can benefit any organization, regardless of the size of their storage or budget requirements."