East Coast Datacom Releases EDS-10/40G Network Emulator

12 February, 2016:  East Coast Datacom (ECD), Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of communication products announces the EDS-10/40G Network Emulator. The versatile EDS-10/40G supports Copper or Fiber Ethernet for 10/100/1000, 10GbE and 40GbE WAN Emulation testing in one easy to use platform. The Commercial Off The Shelf(COTS) hardware design supports one of the highest Packet Per Second(PPS) throughput rates on the market. The COTS design allows users to expand the capabilities of the system or replace system parts with standard Intel hardware. One example allows the user to purchase Intel I350 or x710 NIC Cards for expanding 1G or 10GbE port capacity of the system.

The EDS-10/40G supports a host of user defined options for network bandwidth, latency, jitter, packet loss and other important network impairments. Network emulation testing has become increasingly critical to performance of applications prior to system deployment.

The EDS-10/40G uses a pipelined software architecture, which exploits the power of Intel multicore XEON processors. Fast network I/O is provided by new high performance Intel network adapter cards, the Open Source Netmap software framework, and careful tuning of the Linux operating system.

Stages of the processing such as input, traffic selection, shaping and delay emulation, packet manipulations and output are assigned to different cores, according to speed requirements and the complexity of the processing. This allows the EDS-10/40G to scale performance as the number and speed of the LAN ports grow. At the same time, the pipelined architecture inherently preserves the ordering of all traffic.

The EDS-10/40G is supplied in a 2U high, rack mount or bench top chassis. The unit operates on 90-240VAC power and has a 3-year warranty including support with standard software upgrades.

The EDS-10/40G has a list price of $16,995.00 US Dollars and ECD offers substantial discounts.