Dynamic Solutions International Releases DSI Restore Software

Englewood, CO – October 18, 2016 – Dynamic Solutions International, a leading international provider of data storage solutions, today announced the release of DSI Restore, a virtualized backup and recovery software that is pre-built to handle deduplication, replication and encryption and can be downloaded directly to a VMware box.

With the ability to scale from 2-12 Terabytes of deduplicated data, Restore provides virtualized data recovery solutions designed to meet the storage requirements of small and mid-sized businesses. Now, smaller companies that find traditional cloud-based solutions cost prohibitive can take advantage of virtualized data storage, saving on both equipment and offsite storage costs. Alternatively, companies have the option of hosting Restore on an in-house hypervisor management system.

“DSI Restore is great for IBM Power customers looking to virtualize their data storage capabilities,” said Chris Bremer, CTO of Dynamic Solutions International. “It is as simple as downloading code to your hypervisor, which can be hosted in a local data center then replicated to the cloud, or by utilizing two virtual appliances. We see this as just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making it fast and easy for small businesses to have access to fully virtual data backup and recovery.”

Restore simplifies the backup and recovery process based on specific data policies, allowing organizations to easily incorporate a cloud recovery system. The software is deduplicated to use only a portion of dedicated disk space on a VMware box, and is designed for quick data recovery in the event of a disruption.

“Restore gives small to mid-size operations the ability to eliminate hardware and physical space for storing hardware,” said Leo Salvaggio, executive vice president of Dynamic Solutions International. “We have developed a software that has the potential to adapt to any system, opening the door for numerous partnerships.”

To find out more about DSI Restore, visit Restore product information.