Bridgeworks Launches SANSlide Series 150V7KSVC

Christchurch, UK – 26th June 2013 – Bridgeworks, the world’s leading storage protocol bridge manufacturer, announced the launch of their newest product—the SANSlide Series 150V7KSVC – on May 27th, 2013. The combination of SANSlide and the Storwize V7000 provides a powerful solution for customers who require efficient IP-based replication over long distances.

TCP/IP wasn't built for long distance data transfer, and a few milliseconds of latency, or Round Trip Time, creates dramatic performance degradation. Dark fiber is expensive, and TCP/IP links are not efficient over long distances.  The solution is SANSlide – it provides IP replication over LANs or WANs for V7000's, VTL's, and Tape. 

SANSlide is the only block level storage protocol accelerator in the industry.  Working at the block level allows the SANSlide node to connect directly without any modification to the V7000/SVC or to the configuration of the remote replication set-up.  SANSlide is a stand-alone appliance that sits at either end of the TCP/IP network and works with the Storwize V7000, V3700, SVC, and tape. Unlike other acceleration methods, SANSlide self manages once configured and is unaffected by compressed data, de-duplication, or encrypted data.  SANSlide does not change the data, it fills the pipe.

SANSlide has many benefits when installed with IBM's Storwize V7000:

  • Fit and Forget Technology
  • Dramatically mitigates RPO's and RTO's
  • Accelerates up to 95% of WAN speed
  • No software changes to V7000 or servers

The Storwize V7000 introduced Global Mirror with Change Volumes (GMCV), which isolates the local copy from WAN issues and from sudden spikes in workload that might occur.  The SANSlide 150V7KSVC improves GMCV by accelerating the streaming of periodic updates from the from the primary change volume to the secondary volume.

The first reaction to hearing about this technology is, “Does this really work?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!”    

While the effects of network latency cannot be eliminated (i.e. speed of light), SANSlide reduces them to almost zero by:

  • Accelerating the flow of data using our Protocol Acceleration Engine
  • Maximizing the capacity of the pipe using our Parallel TCP/IP Pipeline technology
  • Optimizing multiple connections with Artificial Intelligence

This allows data to be transported at near full WAN speed regardless of distance.

At the IBM Edge 2013 Conference in June, Bridgeworks featured this product as the IBM Certified Solution for SVC and the Storwize V7000 IP replication.  In addition to the buzz at the conference's keynote address, SANSlide was also recognized in the IBM Redpaper: IBM Storwize V7000 and SANSlide Implementation.   This Redpaper was published after IBM Hursley acheived astonishing results in its certification of the interaction between the V7000 and SANSlide.

David Trossell, CEO of Bridgeworks, believes that the partnership with IBM is just one of many exciting developments in the cards for Bridgeworks. “We have been around for 30 years and this is no small feat. We are the trusted experts in working with all the disparate storage protocols. Developments such as the partnership with IBM tell us that SANSlide, with its ability to accelerate all the block level storage protocols for all storage technologies, is the right solution at the right time. Customers in the US and Europe have achieved a near-immediate ROI with SANSlide. This is going to be a very exciting phase for the company.”

Jan Belt, CEO of Agilesys: “When we were first introduced to this product we just could not believe the claims they were making – it just didn’t stack up to what was out there in the market. As soon as we saw the demonstration we instantly knew this was a real game-changer for customers in many industries who want to accelerate data transport over TCP/IP networks. We just had to be a part of this!”

About Bridgeworks
With a 30-year history of technical leadership, Bridgeworks is a long-established innovator in connectivity solutions for the data storage market that are designed, manufactured and marketed for end users (such as CVS), OEMs (such as Dell and Spectra Logic) and channel partners (such as Agilesys, CorpTech, DIS UK, and Zycko). Bridgeworks uses its wealth of experience in this field to solve one of the long-standing issues of how to transmit data over vast distances across both private and public networks using TCP/IP with little or no impact on performance.

About Agilesys
Agilesys is the Master Distributor for the Bridgeworks SANSlide product in the Americas and selected global accounts. Agilesys is an innovation services firm with specialized focus on commercializing, distributing, and servicing high-tech products. Our agile approach and diverse talent pool allows for rapid, realistic results that drive business performance for global clients.

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