Moving Into the AI Era

Claire Walling
Photo by David Bowman

I’ve always dreaded moving because of the hours of hold music required to update utility accounts and change my address. It’s staggering when you think about it: 15 minutes on the phone with the electric company, another 20 minutes being serenaded by hold music from my internet provider and the better part of an hour going over changes to my renter’s and auto insurance that are part and parcel with a new home.

The thing is, artificial intelligence (AI) can streamline many of these routine customer service queries—and in the case of Orange Bank in France, it’s already doing so. Turn to “AI is Moving Into Mainstream Enterprise Production ” to learn how Djingo, a virtual advisor powered by IBM Watson* technology, helps the startup bank field 90,000 customer requests, approximately one-fifth of which come after business hours. Moreover, IBMer Brian Goehring explains how AI is ready for enterprise use cases ranging from risk management to customer service.

If you’re ready to dive into AI, but overwhelmed with how to start, rest easy knowing that IBM has a plethora of tools and services at the ready—including PowerAI—to help simplify the process of building and training an AI model. Read more in “IBM Tools Simplify Developing and Deploying AI Models.”

Successful AI models require mounds of data to produce meaningful insights—and those sources must be properly prepared. Discover more in “Data Cleansing is Critical to Business Success.” Also in this month’s Currents section, you’ll find a recap on how Bridger Pipeline uses PowerAI to predict and detect pipeline leaks. Not ready to take the plunge into AI yet? IBM i development expert Mike Larsen explains why you might want the functionality to send text messages from your IBM i—and then walks readers through the steps and code to make that happen. Turn to “How to Send Text Messages From IBM i” for more. And in this month’s Ask the Expert, Technical Editor Jon Paris details how DATA-INTO can help RPG developers process myriad types of data in this month’s Ask the Expert column.

AI is ready for real-world business implementations. Is your organization ready to meet the challenge?

Claire Walling is the managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.

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