Coming Together

Claire Walling
Photo by David Bowman

Recently, I attended the IBM Think conference in San Francisco. It was impressive to watch IBMers, partners and clients take the stage and talk about bleeding-edge technical innovations.

But what really wowed me was watching thousands of IT professionals mingle in and around the Moscone Center. Whether it was a casual discussion on IT challenges while sharing an Uber ride from my hotel with a fellow attendee, or chatting with an IBMer about new technology, there was a deeper connection than emails and conference calls.

Coming together to learn, connect and collaborate is critical. In many regards, the community is also one of the strongest attributes of the Power Systems platform. And in the May 2019 issue, we celebrate that. Read “User Groups are the Heartbeat of the Power Systems Community ” to hear from IBMers Brandon Pederson and Joe Armstrong, and COMMOM Executive Director Manzoor Siddiqui, about the value of user groups. Next, read “User Groups Provide Local Connections With a Global Reach” for more information on user groups around the world. And in “Open Source Integrations Keep IBM i Vital ,” Steve Will, chief architect for IBM i, and Jesse Gorzinski, business architect for open source on IBM i, explain why community contributions to open source adds to the vitality of the OS.

Any discussion on the Power Systems community would be remiss to not mention the IBM Champions for Power Systems. This select group of clients and business partners is recognized by IBM for their efforts to share their passion for the platform with others—efforts that include giving presentations, writing blogs, engaging with other users on Twitter and leading user groups. Read profiles on several members of the 2019 class.

Elsewhere in this issue, we take a look at the IBM Q System One and what mainstream quantum computing could mean for the IT industry. And in this month’s Ask the Expert column, IBMer Scott Forstie gives the scoop on IBM Db2* Mirror, announced last month.

The Power Systems community is active in myriad ways—all around the globe. Learn about those efforts (and how to get involved) in this month’s issue.

Claire Walling is the managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.

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