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Ufone Uses Advanced Analytics to Study and Capitalize on Customer Behavior

Faisal Khaliq, CIO with Ufone - Photo by Sam Phelp

Actionable Information

Ufone sees so much potential with this type of technology that it’s now considering using place-based information to offer on-the-spot coupons to customers who may be walking past a particular restaurant. This is possible not only because of the large amount of data that’s available, but also because smart analytics can help organizations make sense of it in a meaningful and timely way.

“There’s a lot of data out there—big data,” Khaliq adds, “but to take advantage of it, you have to put together the pieces of technology that will allow you to look at it and see how it can add value to different customer segments. This holds true for other industries as well, such as banking and retail, that have—or should have—information about customer buying habits and the technology in place to make quick sense of it. Information is a very powerful tool, but only if it becomes actionable.”

This is the case for Ufone. And the numbers bear that out. According to Khaliq, when certain campaigns are running, the churn rate decreases. “It may not be a huge number,” he says, “and success rates are going to vary from microsegment to microsegment and campaign to campaign, but the difference is there and noticeable. In fact, we’ve already doubled our campaign response rates—and we still have so much more to do.”

Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine senior writer, has been covering the technology field for more than a decade. Jim can be reached at jjutsler@provide.net.

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