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Tieto Demonstrates How Vendors and Consumers Can Benefit From the Cloud

Jimi Inge, Tieto product manager for Cloud and Capacity - Photo by Johan Jeppsson


Customer: Tieto
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Business: Cloud services provider
Challenge: Addressing customer concerns involving cloud computing
Solution: Developing a centralized cloud environment that handles all of its clients computing and data requirements
Hardware: A variety of Power Systems servers running around 1,000 cores
Software: Tieto EntraCard, Tieto’s cloud-management portal (HIM), IBM Systems Director and IBM PowerVM

Back in the day, clouds were white masses in the sky that sometimes resembled lions and tigers and bears—and sheep, of course. Now, clouds, as defined in the tech world, no longer look like a menagerie of animals. Instead, they’re nearly invisible connections between end users and data centers, with data being gathered and disseminated across vast networks with no local hard drives needed.

“PowerVM has really helped us out, and I don’t think a proper cloud on POWER would be possible without PowerVM and virtualization.”
—Jimi Inge, Tieto product manager for Cloud and Capacity

The result is markedly new ways of accessing data that had once been locked down on desk-bound PCs or centralized servers. This has changed the computing landscape, especially for companies and industries that have truly embraced the cloud.

And the outcome is intriguing. Rather than populating their own data centers with racks upon racks of servers and deploying third-party or even homegrown applications, companies can now contract with cloud-service providers to gain access to remote data centers and virtualized servers that were built specifically for them, as if they had designed the solution themselves.

Tieto, based in Sweden, is the perfect example of this. It has built an IBM POWER* cloud infrastructure that delivers cloud applications and solutions for a large number of clients in a variety of industries, the largest of which is credit card issuing and processing. Not only does this obviate the need for customers to build their own data centers—and deal with the costs associated with them—but also contributes to what Jimi Inge, Tieto product manager for Cloud and Capacity, calls, “green IT, which, beyond offering first-class services to our clients, is one of our goals.”

Lego Connections

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Tieto refers to itself as the largest Nordic IT services company providing full lifecycle services for both private and public sectors. Its iTAP solution—which, depending on the source, stands for “Infrastructure by Tieto Adapt on POWER,” “Information on tap” or “IBM i on tap”—has been no small part of this success.

Tieto offers applications for complete retail banking as part of its Tieto Banking Suite based on the iTAP infrastructure. One part of this suite, EntraCard—which notably includes baked-in credit-industry regulation and compliance requirements so users don’t have to worry about them—is perhaps the most enlightening when it comes to Tieto’s MSP cloud offerings. It provides end-to-end workload management, from server to mobile interface, based on Power Systems* servers running IBM i, AIX* or Linux*, depending on client preference.

Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine senior writer, has been covering the technology field for more than a decade. Jim can be reached at jjutsler@provide.net.

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