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The Data Transporter

Mears Transportation Group finds a road-worthy high-availability solution

Mears Transportation Group finds a road-worthy high-availability solution
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Breaking Away

Realizing it needed a more reliable high-availability solution, the company began looking for a replacement package. The right solution would be easy to implement and intuitive to use, require minimal staff intervention, and come with thorough documentation and adequate user training.

After scouring the Internet and visiting IBM’s Web site, Mears discovered a case study involving Maximum Availability and *noMAX garrison. The company requested a 30-day demo that let it “do whatever we could do to break it,” Lenart says.

With the assistance of IT Solutions Group Ltd., which came recommended by Maximum Availability, Mears began product trials in March 2008. Within five days, the company had replicated 60 GB of information from the 810 to the 820 (its then-current systems), with no syncing problems.

To prove the point, Mears and IT Solutions Group purposefully deleted some records from the disaster box and then attempted to sync it with the production box. Almost immediately, *noMAX garrison indicated the systems were out of sync and pointed to the records that were the culprits. The company’s IT team then simply resynced the entire database, and, according to Lenart, “five minutes later, we were in sync again.”

That in itself might have been proof enough that the *noMAX garrison solution was road worthy, but Lenart was also taken with the superb documentation that came with it. “They have what are called daily-user guides that cover every aspect of the software, from how to replicate, to how to add additional parts of the system to replicate, to how to failover, etc. That really impressed us, because we didn’t want to be having to call the support line all of the time, as we had been doing in the past,” Lenart says.

Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine senior writer, has been covering the technology field for more than a decade. Jim can be reached at jjutsler@provide.net.

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