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Procuro Modernizes Its Systems From Back to Front

Wire cars, like the one pictured below, helped inspire Procuro Systems’ recent modernization effort, according to Managing Director Heinrich Smit — Photo by Albie Bredenhann


Customer: Procuro Systems
Headquarters: Pretoria, South Africa
Business: Hosted solution provider for the South African insurance industry
Challenge: Modernize its custom software offerings
Solution: Using TEMBO Technology’s Adsero Optima (AO) Foundation to improve its database back end and several tools from looksoftware to create an application graphical front end
Hardware:An IBM Power Systems server running IBM i
Software: TEMBO Technology’s Adsero Optima (AO) Foundation and looksoftware’s newlook and lookserverPhotography by Albie Bredenhann

When considering application modernization efforts, many companies simply look at their green-screen interfaces and ask, “How can we put a pretty face on that?” It’s an appropriate question, especially given users’ increasing expectations about how they interact with computers.

But applying point-and-click access to legacy software is only part of the modernization equation. Other factors, including crucial back-end systems such as databases, also must be taken into account—to speed up critical services and meet the demands of a changing world that includes, for example, mobile-app platforms.

Procuro Systems, an insurance-solution provider in South Africa, has considered many of these modernization aspects. Rather than simply migrating from a 5250-based interface to something more visually appealing, it decided to dig deeper and update its underlying database structure—with the assistance of TEMBO Technologies.

The result is several vital improvements for the company and its clients. As Heinrich Smit, managing director with Procuro, explains, “We looked at everything as a whole, including not just the front end, but also the business logic. By doing so, we ended up with a solution that provided for easier maintenance, more flexibility and increased agility. We also looked out into the future, realizing that many of our clients are moving to mobile platforms, and made it simpler for us to meet their ever-changing requirements.”


Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine senior writer, has been covering the technology field for more than a decade. Jim can be reached at jjutsler@provide.net.

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