• Cognitive computing provides new tools for solving previously unsolvable problems—or new problems entirely.
  • Total data in the world will reach 44 ZB by 2020, with demand for on-premises storage rising 23 percent annually.
  • Although cognitive computing and artificial intelligence are associated with the public cloud, organizations increasingly apply it in private-cloud environments.
  • To enable line of business to realize their visions, IT professionals need to become deep-learning heroes.
  • The POWER8 chip boasts twice the number of cores as x86 servers, along with as much as five times the memory bandwidth and three times the memory cache. These functionalities are designed to help the Power Systems platform meet cognitive computing challenges.
  • PowerAI, which includes major open-source frameworks such as Tensorflow and Caffe, is designed to make deep learning, machine learning and AI more accessible to deploy on a private cloud.