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Migrating to IBM Power or PureSystems Can Bring Business Upswings

The Best Approach

The only lasting modernization approach must start at the database definition level. Any other adjustments or maneuvers are tactical at best, providing only a brief respite. In the long term, these don’t remove the barriers to a permanent solution. This is key for unlocking and reclaiming your heritage.

It’s imperative to get your database definitions from the old DDS definitions into DDL and move the bulk of your relationships and validations out of your application logic into the database engine. You want DB2 to do the dirty work for you, allowing you to focus on delivering innovative business solutions and logic. This will open up a considerable amount of value and benefit, which can be achieved with minimum disruption to your users, the lowest risk and the greatest ease. Plus, you’ll get it fast and deliver significant ROI.

When you combine DB2 SQL with the latest Power Systems and PureSystems servers, the IBM i installed base has access to the most powerful commercial transaction-processing platform available. Following this migration and modernization approach, it’s quite possible to extend application life by 10 to 20 years, access several new technologies and retain your competitive edge.

Marinus Van Sandwyck is the founder, chief enterprise architect and chief technology officer of TEMBO.

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