• The POWER9 platform delivers business value through better price-performance metrics compared to previous generations and x86 servers.
  • Targeted pricing and migration models make upgrading more attractive, smoother and simpler than ever before.
  • POWER9 servers ship cloud-ready with PowerVM preinstalled.
  • Free 60-day temporary activation of live partition mobility for older server models lets users migrate from POWER7 and POWER8 without interrupting running workloads.
  • A physical trusted platform model enables trusted boot, whether the servers are on premises or part of a cloud infrastructure.
  • Upgrading ensures system support with ongoing protection against vulnerabilities and access to new features.
  • Licensing costs for POWER9 servers are lower than for x86 boxes because of better per-core performance.
  • The introduction of NVMe provides an additional performance boost to support a higher volume of transactions and reduces latency.