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Steven Wolk, Chief Technology Officer, PC Richard and Son

Photo by Jordan Hollender
Name: Steven Wolk
Title: Chief Technology Officer
Company:PC Richard & Son, a family-owned and -operated chain of 66 appliance and electronics superstores located throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, founded in 1909.
HQ: Farmingdale, New York
Years in IT: 28

The biggest challenge my data center faces today is security—along with everyone in IT. Our adversaries are intelligent, organized and well funded. We need to get security right 100 percent of the time, while our adversaries need to get it right just once.

One trend affecting my work is that the best, most-advanced technology used to be made available to businesses first and then trickle down to consumers—but the tables have turned. Today, such incredible technology is available to consumers that it’s changed the expectations of what an IT department delivers.

My interest in IT started when I worked at PC Richard & Son as a night data-entry manager while still in college. I’ve held a number of IT positions within the company since then, eventually becoming the company’s first CTO.

My favorite part of the work day is any time I’m able to sit down with some of our very talented software developers and work together to design a solution to a pressing business need.

The innovation that’s most impacted my life is email, which has changed my day-to-day life for better and for worse. It’s easy to forget email is not our job; it’s a tool to help us do our job.

If I weren’t in IT, I’d want to be a Disney Imagineer.

My favorite activity outside of work is traveling, seeing the world, experiencing new cultures and trying new foods.

The superpower I wish I had is time travel, but considering how much I enjoy traveling and hate traffic, teleportation might be a better choice.

My guilty pleasure is “Star Trek” in all its incarnations.

My favorite movies are “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” and “The Princess Bride.”

The geekiest thing I’ve ever done is taking my two daughters to “Twilight” conventions and surprising them with a tour of Forks, Washington—the town that inspired the novels.

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