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Who Said AIX is Dead?

Petra Buhrer

I have been responsible for the AIX* stack at IBM for almost a year now. In this role, I’ve talked to many clients about AIX. All of the feedback I have received has been very positive. Our clients love the AIX OS for its stability and outstanding capabilities that are unique in the UNIX* space, like AIX Live Kernal Update. This is a feature that isn’t available on Linux* today or expected anytime soon.

IBM is committed to maintaining and evolving AIX now and in the future to meet our clients’ needs. IBM is constantly enhancing AIX, strengthening its core capabilities around performance, reliability, high availability and security while delivering innovations and modernizations that enable clients to bridge to new modern data workloads such as Database as a Service, hyperconverged data centers and various cloud deployment options.

We recently began investigating AIX and containers in the cloud native space—and even leveraging artificial intelligence and cognitive capabilities. We’re providing flexible infrastructure choices so clients can pick and choose what best suits their business needs and workloads by making sure their investment remains protected. Would we go to those lengths if we were preparing to phase out the OS?

Of course, we must recognize Linux and its traction in the last couple of years. OSes aren’t one or the other, however—it has to be a combination. Market trends show that clients are heading toward multicloud environments and choosing the platform that best suits a particular workload. So, integration becomes key. That’s where the IBM Power Systems* platform has always been strong.

IBM has an unwavering commitment to our install base running IBM PowerVM* virtualization, and most of these clients rely on AIX. In addition, we’re providing options for clients’ workloads that just don’t need the same reliability, availability and serviceability capabilities as their mission-critical workloads with new offerings like Geographically Dispersed Resiliency as an OS-agnostic VM restart-based high availability solution or IBM Cloud* PowerVC* Manager for Software Defined Infrastructure to quickly deploy and manage SAN-less clouds and capabilities to manage KVM-based systems side-by-side with AIX workloads running PowerVM.

It makes me sad and angry at the same time to hear rumors floating around from time to time that AIX is going away, or that key offerings are dropping support for AIX. I investigated each one of them and so far, none have been true. During my discussions, I received proof that AIX is a strategic platform for products such as IBM BigFix*, IBM Spectrum Scale* or Tivoli* Storage Manager. I even got confirmation that IBM is extending support or coverage for AIX, such as with IBM Domino* 10 supporting IBM Verse* on premises.

We always put the client first, and continuing development and support for AIX is a part of that effort. Clients rely on AIX to innovate in their companies, and IBM is committed to being a part of that effort in the long term.

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