Another Prominent Anniversary for the IBM i LUG

For the past 24 years, more than 100 of IBM’s largest IBM i clients have regularly traveled to Rochester, for briefings with IBM managers and developers. These meetings come in the summer, the fall and during the depths of the Minnesota winter.

“January, that’s always a test for them,” cracks IBM’s Dave Nelson, director, IBM i. This September, what’s simply known as the IBM i Large User Group (LUG) will arrive in Rochester for the 75th meeting since 1994. The event will be noted as a special occasion, but as Nelson explains, every meeting is an occasion.

“It’s a very close-knit community,” he says. “After all this time, it’s almost like family reunion. We know each other, we know when wedding anniversaries are, we know when kids’ birthdays are. That closeness just lends itself to working together to develop business solutions.”



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