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Improve Your Cloud With IBM Power Systems Software

Carl Burnett

Love it or hate it, the cloud is a disruptive force your organization can’t ignore. Across industries, companies are digitally transforming and adopting a cloud strategy to modernize their data centers and reduce IT spending.

Is your organization looking to construct a private cloud? Are you focusing your cloud strategy primarily on choosing a reliable on-premises environment? Hardware is one critical component of private cloud adoption, but software also plays an important role and shouldn’t be overlooked. Your cloud is only as simple and secure as the tools used to manage and protect it. When you design your private cloud strategy, incorporate IBM Power Systems Software* into your planning.

Power Software

Perhaps you are already familiar with our family of Power* Software. The combination of PowerVM*, PowerVC*, PowerHA* and PowerSC* components helps ensure your private cloud provides consistent performance across any load, while remaining available and secure. Here’s a brief overview of each package:

  • PowerVM: A scalable, secure server virtualization solution that increases server utilization and reduces cost
  • PowerVC: A virtualization and cloud management solution that provides the foundation for Power Systems scalable cloud management. Built on OpenStack, PowerVC virtualization management is compatible with many of the industry-standard cloud orchestrators, such as VMware vRealize. Designed with a simplified user experience, PowerVC virtualization management drives ease of use.
  • PowerHA: A high availability (HA) management solution designed to keep your IT environments resilient. PowerHA high availability monitors your environment and minimizes downtime by providing HA and disaster recovery (HA/DR).
  • PowerSC: A security and compliance management solution that makes it simple to deploy and monitor security profiles across your data center

Let’s take a step back. We’ve talked about all these things separately—now let’s talk about them all together. How does Power Software collectively make your private cloud better? More or less, Power software management solutions allow you to take a private cloud and make it secure and resilient, leveraging features that are unique to POWER.

The Right Infrastructure

Your private cloud strategy matters. The right approach can propel your organization forward with agility, efficiency and speed. A misdirected effort can waste time and resources, leaving your organization vulnerable to poor, ineffective management and outside threats. Together, IBM Power Systems* and Power Software offer the right cloud infrastructure and management solution to support your journey to a secure private cloud with exceptional performance, enterprise-grade agility, reliability and extensibility for future cognitive workloads.

Carl Burnett, Distinguished Engineer, Power Systems Software Development

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