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The Brilliance of Resilience in a Cognitive World

Layers of Resilience

Recent headlines from the halls of Washington, D.C. to our major airports have served to remind us of the increasing complexity and importance of having complete layers of resilience that protect our business systems. These interlocking layers include combinations of high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR), security and managed service solutions that completely envelop and protect a company’s critical systems and data. It’s the convergence of these technologies and services that have emerged to protect businesses and keep them compliant across hybrid environments in our fast-moving world.

Much has been published about the mounting rates of data proliferation, security breaches and system failures. As companies wrestle with making better use of their technology infrastructure and system assets, they’re finding it more difficult to keep their business systems protected and available in the midst of platform shifts. These shifts offer the promise of leveraging the best combination of on-premises, virtual cloud and mobile technologies to mitigate security threats.

Data Loss

Time itself has become a precious commodity as we struggle to satisfy compliance requirements that are set by corporate boards, auditors and government regulators. In a recent survey of 1,600 IT professionals conducted by Vision Solutions (bit.ly/2oEi86L), 37 percent of respondents reported their business had lost a day or more of data in a recent outage. This volume of loss can alter careers—and in many industries, rise to the level of fiduciary neglect.

Of those who experienced data loss, 30 percent indicated the reason was storage failure and another 21 percent reported no viable backup copy. But data loss is only one of many data points that are top of mind for business leaders.

In fact, a convergence is underway of key metrics that have greatly increased the importance of keeping business systems highly resilient. Here are a few of the most common terms:

• Recovery time objective (RTO) identifies how long your critical business systems can afford to be down
• Recovery point objective (RPO) identifies how much data your business is willing to lose
• Security objectives include myriad challenges that keep corporate executives awake at night, such as eliminating system breaches and preventing intellectual property theft
• Company reputation and customer loyalty objectives vary widely but can have a positive impact on valuations and other financials when systems are secure

Layers of Resilience

The good news is a convergence is underway of HA/DR, security and managed service solutions that completely envelop and protect a company’s critical systems and data. It’s the integration of these technologies and services that protects businesses and keeps them compliant across hybrid environments.

These layers of resilience serve to protect data and systems, while giving businesses the peace of mind they need to focus on their core objectives, knowing they are complying with regulations and satisfying key stakeholders, regulators and auditors.

Managed Services Layer
Bringing it all together, a managed service with a trusted provider is an ideal option to ease the complexity of leveraging and managing hybrid environments. These providers increasingly include special skill sets to manage blends of physical, virtual and cloud-based systems.

Even in the simplest environment, managed services remove the burden from your IT staff by handling the day-to-day management of your resilient environment to ensure you stay protected and switch-ready. These experts can also perform periodic audits and annual switch tests.

Edward Vesely is the chief marketing officer at Vision Solutions.

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