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SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services meets shifting business needs

SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services meets shifting business needs

Overview of SPSS C&DS

SPSS C&DS provides a real-time scoring service and other useful features. C&DS is a platform offering a central repository and a comprehensive set of capabilities to deploy, share and manage analytical assets such as predictive models. The platform’s centralized nature improves business analysts’ and users’ productivity and results in more effective, consistent decision making. The platform secures the analytical assets and reduces the IT costs of managing them. The analytical assets stored in the repository can be accessed from within other SPSS tools, enabling reuse on other projects or in other parts of an organization. For example, SPSS Decision Management offers a suite of customizable predictive applications that provide real-time prediction by leveraging a predictive model and scoring service in C&DS.

The sharing features in C&DS make it easy to collaborate consistently between business analysts who develop predictive models, reports or other analytical assets and those who run business processes and use analytics in their decision making. The results of analytic processes can be easily shared when publishing them in the repository. As a company rolls out the use of analytics to additional departments or lines of business, users may be able to share existing analytical assets already stored in the repository.

The C&DS platform provides a centralized, common place to control access to all of the analytic assets in the repository, granting access to those who need it and preventing unauthorized use. The security management enables adherence to internal or external data security and privacy policies and ensures regulatory compliance. The platform maximizes integrity and minimizes the loss of assets by providing a central location for backups, version control and auditing. Collectively, this makes governing analytical assets more systematic and reliable.

C&DS provides an excellent platform for servicing scores. The runtime performance of real-time scoring is critical to ensure decisions and actions can take place in real time. IBM has tested and defined the optimal environment for running C&DS real-time scoring on Power Systems servers with AIX.

IBM SPSS C&DS on Power

The performance aspects for C&DS real-time scoring focus on speeding the average response, maximizing the number of concurrent real-time scores serviced per second, and predicting how both will change as the use of real-time scoring scales up. The IT team responsible for setting up C&DS software and hardware infrastructure must understand the real-time scoring use requirements and performance expectations. This information will help them plan the system size and allot resources to meet needs.

C&DS requires a set of software prerequisites. All software may be installed on one Power Systems server, across multiple systems or on multiple AIX partitions on the same system. One key prerequisite is an application server, such as the IBM WebSphere* Application Server, into which the C&DS application gets deployed. The C&DS environment can run one application server or a cluster. A cluster will require a load balancer and can provide more reliability and scalability. Deploying C&DS into an application server cluster requires additional configuration steps.

Beth L. Hoffman is the IBM business analytics technical leader, developing technical strategies and plans for analytics on IBM platforms.

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