One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Claire Walling
Photo by David Bowman

I recently moved to a new apartment, and as a part of that onerous process I rented a moving truck. When I reserved the vehicle online several weeks beforehand, I was presented with a handy chart that told me what size truck I would need based on the size of my household. I took the company’s recommendation at face value and didn’t think much about my choice until moving day arrived.

After I had plunked down my credit card and driven the truck off the lot, I realized that I had a problem: The truck had far more room than I had furniture and boxes to fill it with. Because my rental contract contained no provision for exchanging the truck for the next-smallest size, I made due. Boxes were spread out on truck floor to keep items from flying around in transit, but I was kicking myself that I had spent extra cash to essentially drive air up the highway. Companies running on AIX* at one time faced a similar conundrum, but IBM cloud deployments are changing the way they think about and finance hardware and software programs. In “Transform Your Business With the AIX Cloud,” Steve Sibley, vice president, Offering Management, Cognitive Systems, shares how the agile, elastic infra- structure of AIX cloud deployments helps enterprises adapt to changing business needs without being saddled with burden- some capital expenses.

In “Accessing the Cloud,” Vice President of Power* Software Development Rajesh Rengarajan describes how efforts to optimize AIX for the cloud have paid dividends via streamlined operating efficiency and seamless integration with open-source technology. And instead of guesstimating future needs and purchasing accordingly, IT professionals can purchase cloud offerings on an as-needed basis, thanks to AIX Monthly Pricing. Learn more about the consumption-based pricing model, which launched in March, in this month’s Trends column.

Also in this issue, we talk with William Green, senior manager of the Photonic and Nanoscale Systems Department at IBM Research, about the new low-cost sensors his lab is developing that will help to quickly detect methane leaks. Read the full interview here.

One size doesn’t fit all—and neither do hybrid cloud deployments. Read on to learn how public and private clouds can be customized to meet your organization’s changing needs.

Claire Walling // Managing Editor

Claire Walling is the managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition.



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