IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS Offers Co-Location and Technology Advantages

Many organizations are currently in the midst of a digital transformation. From an application development point of view, digital transformation is driving requirements at unprecedented pace because of rapid changes in customer demands and expectations, economic factors and competitive climates (e.g., innovations, industry disruptions).

To succeed in delivering the best digital experience for clients and tapping into new revenue opportunities, enterprises must develop new skills around becoming more agile, customer-centric, innovative and efficient. As a result, they need to embrace newer application platforms that allow them to develop and experiment new digital experiences quickly and at low cost, selecting those that yield business value, while discarding those that don’t. In the past six years, Node.js has emerged as the favored choice and has been steadily establishing its place within enterprises.

Node.js enables enterprises to access a vast pool of JavaScript skills where the developer population is over 11.5 million worldwide. Node.js developers are very passionate about this technology. Forrester's Global Business Technographics Developer Survey, 2016, shows that Node developers are 18 percentage points more likely to want to become an expert in the development community.

Developers can also take advantage of an ecosystem of over 500,000 community Node.js node package manager (npm) modules that can be used in applications. This ecosystem is the fastest growing compared to its peers, with an average daily growth of about 500 modules/day

Node.js enables organizations to efficiently deploy their development resources. By using a common programming language (i.e., JavaScript) across the entire application stack, the same team of programmers can work on applications on both client and server side. This helps remove organizational roadblocks, improve application development efficiency and shorten delivery time.

Node.js on z/OS

July 17, IBM announced IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS V6 (Node.js on z/OS). It’s based on Node.js V6 and runs on z/OS V2.2 and V2.3. It includes a C/C++ compiler and is supported on IBM z196, zEC12, z13 and z14.

IBM SDK for Node.js – z/OS V6, is scheduled to become generally available Sept. 8.

Technology Overview

The Node.js platform combines the full-featured JavaScript language, along with a set of libraries and APIs, to enable developers efficiently built server-side applications. Figure 1 demonstrates the architecture and key components of the Node.js platform.

Joran Siu is a development lead for the IBM Software Development Kit for Node.js for IBM Z.

Roland Koo is offering manager for Compilers with IBM, responsible for Automatic Binary Optimizer, Enterprise COBOL, and Node.js offerings on IBM Z.

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