Begin Your Journey

To begin their DevOps digital transformation journey, organizations need to have the mindset of growing competency over time, says Barry Baker, vice president, IBM Z Software. He and Rosalind Radcliffe, Distinguished Engineer and chief architect for DevOps for Enterprise Systems, IBM, offer these tips:

  1. Get executive buy-in. You’ll need support from the top to provide approval of the change process and financial components associated with adoption and training. “Get everybody on the same page with what the mission is and why we’re doing this,” Baker says.
  2. Find the right coaches. Technical coaches help the developmental team adjust to the new practices and make sure the team understands these changes.
  3. Start small. Reuse what you already have in the distributed space for lower cost, risk and investment. Adopt the change and process one team at a time as opposed to the entire organization all at once. Have teams learn the new information in a new location; it will transform how they think about the process.
  4. Create a strategy. “Have a plan that says, our direction is to use this pipeline, then offer flexibility within the pipeline for the teams to give flexibility for development processes,” Radcliffe suggests. Make sure that business metrics and key performance indicators are known to all for transparency and auditing purposes.




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