IBM Systems Technical University Offers Accelerated Linux Learning Track

Linux Learning Track

The world is experiencing exponential growth in digital innovation. Your business is capturing new clients, launching new products and expanding into new markets. But is your IT infrastructure ready to grow with you, without retrenching or adding complexity? Is it the right foundation for you to consistently deliver the most secure, fast and reliable digital experiences to your customers?

Some clients don’t even know where to begin, but Linux is emerging as a top option. Industry trends show that Linux as an operating system provides clients with choices they’ve never had before. It allows them to tie into open source databases, middleware and solutions not available elsewhere. It grants clients a say into feedback and requirements for future releases of Linux, and for those clients who choose to keep databases on traditional operating systems, it provides the option to tie Linux applications into those databases. Linux has an extensive set of options for clients of all types, whether they’re traditional IBM Z clients with Linux on IBM Z, or new clients coming from nontraditional platforms such as x86 or other Linux platforms going to LinuxONE.

Education Is Key

The key to ensuring client success across the board is education surrounding critical infrastructure and solution areas for Linux. From October 8-12, IBM Systems Technical University will provide a Linux and z/VM track on the latest topics in this space including security, performance, new release and distribution information, blockchain, and other key workloads. Both early career Linux on IBM Z systems administrators and engineers, and those new to a LinuxONE infrastructure, can accelerate their learning via a new track: Linux on IBM Z or LinuxONE for Rookies. This full week of sessions lets your newer team members get started and go deeper on Linux on IBM Z with hands on training delivered by IBM technical training instructors and subject matter experts from the lab and the field.

The Linux Topics on IBM Z or LinuxONE Rookies track offers focused, in-depth training sessions and labs delivered by IBM Distinguished Engineers, developers or product experts for IBM Z or LinuxOne beginners. Examples of these sessions include:

  • LinuxONE 101
  • IBM z/VM Virtualization Basics
  • Kubernetes Demystified
  • Systems Administration and Migration: Linux for Beginner's Hands-on Lab
  • What’s Unique About Running on IBM Z or LinuxONE

IBM is also partnering with Interskill to offer their overall Linux e-learning courses, their Linux on IBM Z e-learning courses and their LinuxONE e-learning courses—all of which come at no cost to attendees of the Linux Topics for IBM Z and LinuxONE for Rookies track. The Interskill courses will be offered prior to the event, and will be available for three months after the event, through January 15, 2019. Participants will automatically receive an IBM Open Badge upon completion of the prescribed Interskill courses. Check out the course outlines here.

Don't miss this opportunity to grow your Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE skills or the chance to earn a badge to add to your credentials. Register for IBM Systems Technical University October 8-12 in Hollywood, FL!

Kathy Hubbley is the IBM Z Lab Services business unit executive for IBM Z and LinuxONE. She’s responsible for the strategy, skills enablement, and services and training offerings for the IBM Z Lab Services and LinuxONE consultants and technical training community. Kathy has been with IBM for 36 years in a number of management and technical roles. She’s also had several assignments to help grow new workloads for the mainframe for the Fortune 1000/Global 500 space. Kathy is keenly focused on the satisfaction of IBM Z clients and on helping to build new clients in the LinuxONE space.

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