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The next-generation System z server is more than just a fast, scalable solution

The next-generation System z server is more than just a fast, scalable solution
IBM’s Vice President of System z Global Sales Paulo Carvao discusses the new zEnterprise System. Photography by Matt Greenslade

In July, IBM announced the next generation of its System z* server line, the zEnterprise* 196 (z196). This new server is unlike anything in the industry today, but it’s more than a fast, scalable server. It’s the unveiling of a new dimension that may change your approach to IT infrastructure.

In addition to the z196, IBM rolled out two components—the IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter* Extension (zBX) and the IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager—which, when utilized with the z196, will allow customers to integrate and unify IBM System z, Power* and System x* resources to work together as one complete system. IT shops will now be able to install, monitor, manage, optimize and diagnose the assets within a heterogeneous environment as if they were plugged into and part of a traditional System z environment.

IBM Systems Magazine spoke with IBM’s Vice President of System z Global Sales Paulo Carvao to discuss how the zEnterprise System will provide operational, business and organizational advantages.

Q: IBM has a history of innovating to meet business demand. With these new product announcements, what business challenges are being addressed?

A: We’re addressing head-on the issue of operational complexity. Clients are making more use of IT as part of their businesses, and at the same time IT is becoming more complex. It’s about server sprawl, an increasing number of applications, sometimes a very large number of databases, and how to deal with the associated inefficiencies.

Q: How does the zEnterprise System address those challenges?

A: It unifies IT resources and helps clients drive predictable service delivery. If you think about our heritage with mainframes, we’ve always delivered very complex service-level agreements in sophisticated organizations, and done so in a simple way. The zEnterprise System takes this to the next level and to the world of IT in the 21st century.

Q: Why is the IBM mainframe the center of the next-generation, heterogeneous data center?

A: If you think about what the mainframe does today and has been doing for the past decades in terms of virtualization of resources, the capability to perform workload management across a mixed-workload environment and the capability to scale IT in pace with business demands–those are the core attributes of the mainframe that we’re going to leverage in the next generation of System z. These are technologies that companies use today to address the heterogeneous demands of their business.

Natalie Boike is a former IBM Systems Magazine managing editor.

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