The New IBM z14 Emphasizes Security, Insights and a Connected Ecosystem

IBM z14
Tarun Chopra IBM z Hardware Offering Manager-Photo by Bill Bernstein

Application changes can be time consuming, complex and costly, as organizations have to constantly maintain and change the application to keep up with the ever-changing compliance landscape. To move away from selective encryption, IBM has introduced pervasive encryption. Read more about the new pervasive encryption technology on the IBM z14 in “Paradigm Shift to Pervasive Encryption,”.

Machine Learning
With intelligence and insights capabilities, clients can act with the right data at the right time to convert enterprise data into opportunity. “Machine learning is enabling continuous intelligence,” says Chopra, lead offering manager of the IBM z14 system. “ ‘Continuous’ is a very important key word. Machine learning is built upon the notion of continuous learning where models need to ingest live data to highly personalize and elevate the customer experience.”

With IBM Machine Learning for z/OS*, clients can optimize decisions by quickly training, deploying and continuously monitoring a high volume of data to build predictive behavior models. IBM Machine Learning for z/OS brings those capabilities to rapidly analyze large volumes of data with consistent response time by exploiting in-memory computing. With z14, clients can apply machine learning to the most valuable data that originates and resides on the mainframe to create deeper actionable insights and predictive behavior.

“If clients want to protect the core asset that is their data, and if they encrypt all of that data with pervasive encryption, then it makes less sense to move data around for insights,” Chopra explains. “By keeping the data where it is, securely encrypted and bringing IBM Machine Learning on the platform, clients can analyze the data securely and efficiently, leveraging the zero-latency hybrid platform to provide flexible scalability and deployment options to match their organization’s requirements.”

Cloud-based blockchain
With cloud-based blockchain offerings, clients can leverage existing investments they have built over the years with an open and connected mainframe. By connecting the mainframe and existing systems of record with next-generation transaction environments built around blockchain, clients can bring greater transparency and agility while meeting the ever changing requirement of their customers and marketplace.

“The new IBM z14 system can do more than 12 billion encrypted transactions, equivalent to 400 Cyber Mondays, in a single box,” Chopra says. “It provides an open and connected environment that enables developers to seamlessly develop today’s business applications. They can utilize thousands of open-source packages, leverage APIs and implement DevOps across the cloud and local data centers.”

With APIs, clients can connect their core assets to cloud-born applications. “New service build time can be cut by almost 90 percent through APIs and applications like z/OS Connect,” Chopra notes.

The mainframe has been a leading platform for blockchain for some time now, but Chopra describes blockchain on the new system as a “marriage made in heaven.” That’s because the new system provides improved scalability, security and availability for the ledger technology. Enhancements to the processor support blockchain workloads: The elliptical curve cryptography algorithms—the core of blockchain crypto algorithms—are improved by 10 percent to provide more performance to blockchain applications. IBM z14 also provides memory of up to 32 TB per server combined with built-in on-chip accelerators for blockchain encryption and cryptography.

“The IBM z14 has robust cloud, blockchain and API capabilities,” Chopra says. “By leveraging them, clients are becoming more of a disruptor than being disrupted in the marketplace.”

Valerie Dennis Craven is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.

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