Address the IT Conundrum

A Smarter Computing-based infrastructure enables a smarter planet

A Smarter Computing-based infrastructure enables a smarter planet
Illustration by Denis Carrier

Three years ago IBM introduced the Smarter Planet* concept that’s fueling innovation across industries. Select leaders are leveraging emerging computing advances to realize additional opportunities for their businesses. Leaders create new markets faster, deliver added services more quickly, identify new trends and utilize IT resources more effectively. They recognize and address today’s IT conundrum: to meet an explosive demand for service on a flat budget.

Any enterprise can reverse this conundrum by designing, tuning and managing its IT infrastructure. In this new era of smarter computing, companies can now deploy exclusive IBM leadership technologies that are managed in a cloud, tuned to the task and designed for data—all deployed within a single, integrated system.

Freedom by Design

Many clients who have undertaken an IT transformation have utilized the strengths of System z* servers. With the 2010 launch of the zEnterprise* System, IBM introduced a new system design. Far more than the next-generation mainframe, the zEnterprise System delivers freedom with mainframe, POWER7* and System x* technology in a single, unified system. This hybrid approach integrates and centralizes resource management across the data center, providing new levels of flexibility and creating the opportunity for workload-optimized deployment on best-fit architectures.

The zEnterprise 196* (z196) builds on traditional mainframe strengths in areas such as security, availability, scalability, manageability and virtualization to create a platform ideally suited for many workloads. The hybrid capability of the zEnterprise System makes it an ideal choice for enterprise clouds, for core business applications that are often tiered, for consolidation of infrastructure workloads regardless of operating system and for real-time analytics of transactional data.

These developments demonstrate IBM’s ongoing investment in mainframe technologies and the expansion of unique hybrid capabilities within the zEnterprise platform.

Simon Hares is the IBM System z marketing manager for IBM sales and distribution. Simon can be reached at

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Address the IT Conundrum

A Smarter Computing-based infrastructure enables a smarter planet

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