Single-Frame IBM z14 Model ZR1 Benefits IBM Z Organizations of All Sizes

In July 2017, IBM introduced the IBM z14* platform, designed to address the important issues of security and to be the infrastructure clients can trust in the digital economy. The IBM z14 platform is designed for traditional workloads and secure cloud operations. It offers a rapid deployment model for faster time to revenue, a highly secure and trusted environment to protect from breaches and an open software stack for diverse application choice.

To help organizations of all sizes address new opportunities, in April 2018 IBM introduced a new single-frame model for the z14 platform, with a lower cost and point of entry. The new IBM z14 Model ZR1 delivers secure capabilities in a smaller, industry-standard frame that can easily co-exist with other platforms in a cloud data center. Like the other z14 models, the IBM z14 ZR1 delivers function and capabilities to meet the demands for new services and better customer experiences, while securing the growing amounts of data and complying with increasingly intricate regulations. A new size allows the z14 single frame to be the base for an integrated hybrid cloud for mission-critical core business workloads that demand maximum security.

It delivers function and capabilities to meet the demands for new services enabling a faster time to revenue and better customer experiences, while securing the growing amounts of data and complying with increasingly intricate regulations. The z14 ZR1 can be the base for an integrated hybrid cloud for mission-critical core business workloads that demand maximum security.

The z14 ZR1 demonstrates that IBM is beginning to standardize with one family of IBM Z* servers—from a model that can meet digital disruption and maintain service-level agreements regardless of capacity demands, to models that can scale to process roughly 30 billion business transactions per day.

To simplify the IBM Z family for clients, IBM is driving to merge the life cycles, introducing a family of servers that spans both single-frame and dual-frame models.

Single Frame’s Flexible Configuration

While the chip technology is the same as the IBM z14 platform, IBM has made a few significant enhancements for the entry level. The single frame is designed to fit into a 19-inch form factor, which allows it to sit side-by-side with any other platform in a cloud data center. This z14 single frame enables clients to lower power costs and have a 40 percent smaller footprint than prior entry Z servers.

IBM is changing the boundaries of configuration in the z14 ZR1, providing clients with the opportunity to design a hardware infrastructure to match their needs. Depending on the configuration, the single frame provides a potential for up to 16U of frame space. This allows organizations to choose to install storage, servers (i.e., HMC or Trusted Key Entry) or switches within the available frame space to help enable new all-in-one solutions.

In support of existing single-frame clients, the z14 ZR1 is available with up to six central processing (CP) cores (the same as the IBM z13s* platform) for running traditional Z workloads on traditional OSes (e.g., IBM z/OS*, IBM z/VSE* or IBM z/TPF). The z14 ZR1 supports up to 30 Linux* IFL cores (50 percent more than the z13s platform).

The z14 single frame provides a secure, massive capacity Linux platform that can be deployed as a standalone server or side-by-side with z/OS, z/VSE or z/TPF environments for easy integration on a single physical server. Clients can benefit from tight data and application co-location connecting system of record and system of engagement, offering operational efficiency.

Cloud-Ready Capabilities

The z14 ZR1 offers up to 8 TB maximum available memory. This large memory can be used to support new workloads, data-in-memory applications and larger local buffer pools. It can efficiently process huge amounts of information for faster business insights.

The z14 ZR1 is cloud-ready with the same technology delivered on all models of the z14 family. Capabilities that continue to bring client value include:

  • On-chip compression and cryptography with speed improvements from new core technology
  • IBM Secure Service Container framework, for securely building and hosting Linux container applications, defends against the misuse of privileged user credentials.
  • The new Guarded Storage Facility, which delivers pause-less garbage collection to enable enterprise scale Java* applications to run with fewer and shorter pauses for garbage collection on larger and larger heaps

The z14 single frame has hardware adapters for connecting to data, the network and users. These include FICON* Express16S+, OSA-Express6S, Crypto Express6S, zHyperLink Express, IBM Virtual Flash Memory, zEDC Express and 10GbE RoCE Express2.

HMC Enhancements Help Close the Skills Gap

IBM understands the skills gap that may exist for new system administrators to IBM Z. The z14 ZR1 supports several key enhancements to the HMC to close this gap and provide a more industry-standard look and feel to administrator functions.

A new mobile application interface is available for the HMC on all models of the z14 platform. The mobile application will allow HMC users to securely monitor and manage systems from anywhere.

iOS and Android HMC apps are available to provide system and partition views, the ability to monitor status and hardware and OS messages, and the ability to receive mobile push notifications from the HMC. (Download the HMC app at or

Made for Modernization

The bottom line is the new IBM z14 ZR1 single frame is designed with the technology, software and servers to support all of the key value propositions of the z14 family of servers. Efficient protection of data and applications is financially more attractive with pervasive encryption and Secure Service Containers, which can help simply and securely protect data and applications. (Read recent articles about pervasive encryption at and Secure Service Containers at

Modernization with cognitive DevOps and exploitation of APIs are used to ease the integration between system of records with systems of engagement. APIs allow clients to expose and connect their valuable IBM Z assets as cloud services across their enterprise ecosystem. The use of machine learning on valuable data can create deeper actionable insights and predictive behavior. (Read how IBM Z Enterprise DevOps on z14 helps build modern applications at

As business technology needs evolve to compete in today’s digital economy, the new IBM z14 ZR1 offers a new flexible infrastructure to support an existing Z environment and is ready to securely and easily co-exist with other platforms in a cloud data center.

Maximized Investment

The z14 ZR1 delivers the power and speed users demand, the security users and regulators require, the operational efficiency that maximizes the bottom line and a new lower cost of entry for Z organizations of all sizes.

Suzanne Battenfeld is a worldwide offering market manager for IBM Z who has worked in mainframes for a number of years in various positions.

Ellen Carbarnes is a worldwide marketing manager for z Systems who started her mainframe career at IBM in 1981.

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