IBM FTM on zEnterprise Helps Integrate and Streamline Financial Services

The payments industry is the backbone of our global economy, enabling billions of financial transactions each day. The global marketplace looks to financial institutions to provide secure, fast and reliable payments processes. However, as payments operations have expanded to meet the needs of an evolving global economy, many have become fragmented, complex, inflexible and costly to maintain.

One solution that leading financial institutions are implementing is a payment transaction platform with common integration capabilities. The emphasis is on reusing these functions, streamlining processing and, ultimately, reducing costs—all while providing an enterprise view of payment and transactional data across the organization.

IBM Financial Transaction Manager (FTM) on zEnterprise provides a set of products, built on highly scalable and secure platform, to gain visibility and control of all payment transactions, which helps to balance financial risk, and facilitate effective financial planning and performance management. FTM provides an integration layer for financial transaction management and a single, standard representation of messages. It manages complexity by acting as a common platform for financial management applications, receiving instructions from each customer interaction point and efficiently routing instructions to the appropriate execution systems. This common platform unifies disparate legacy systems and allows different lines of business to share the same data, helping to reduce effort and costs by eliminating the need for duplicate structures and processes.

IBM Financial Transaction Manager on zEnterprise contains industry software accelerators that have been developed as an integration layer on top of IBM middleware for payments processing. FTM integrates, orchestrates and monitors financial transactions. It provides the functionality to create and collect the state of financial transactions while providing integration capability, including common data and message models based on an industry standard (ISO 20022). Additionally, FTM:

  • Delivers real-time dashboards with necessary payment insights and proactive actions
  • Accelerates on-boarding new corporate customers
  • Provides the platform to processing large volumes of global disbursements
  • Offers flexibility and control over volume of payment requests, and
  • Expands support for new payment schemes and types

FTM on zEnterprise effectively manages cost associated with the modernization and adoption of updated payment schemes and types as they’re introduced, such as Single European Payment Area (SEPA) Direct Debit, SEPA Credit Transfer, Same-day ACH.

By offering a more agile environment with fewer interfaces to manage and test, organizations can introduce products and services more quickly. IBM payment transaction platform solutions can shorten application-testing cycles, and allow the reuse of the best existing or new products and services required by line-of-business executives and clients. New external systems can be added more quickly to the environment without affecting core applications.

Similarly, new services can be introduced without affecting other parts of the payments processing landscape. These solutions can reduce costs by minimizing complexity and duplication across back-office applications. IBM Financial Transaction Manager on zEnterprise is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Standardized representation and storage of messages with a common data model and a single message storage format
  • Common storage of events for monitoring
  • Standardized routing to back-office and line-of-business applications
  • Rules-based routing to allow common enforcement in applications
  • Storage of message and audit data by working with existing enterprise data management solutions
  • A unified development methodology and environment for integration

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