New Products Bring Together Transactions and Analytics

Today, IBM announces new ways to make analytics part of the flow of business, featuring insights on every transaction by collecting, analyzing and reporting, all while staying on the mainframe.

Given that 70 to 80 percent of the world’s corporate data resides on System z servers, 55 percent of enterprise applications touch the mainframe and 91 percent of new client-facing apps will require System z servers to complete transactions, the mainframe should be front and center in design of analytics systems for real-time insights at the point of impact.

With System z solutions, transactions and analytics are integrated in one streamlined, end-to-end data lifecycle. This results in a better business response; reductions in data movement, complexity and configuration resources; and better accuracy, security and availability.

New products include:

  • Enhancements to the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator appliance. Updates include a self-encrypting disk for complete security compliance and a call home functionality that improves serviceability and system health diagnostics by proactively dealing with potential problems.
  • IBM InfoSphere BigInsights for Linux on System z comes to the System z platform with the newest release, version 2.1.2. With it comes advanced capabilities build on Hadoop for enterprise deployments and exploratory analysis of data that originates mostly on the mainframe while keeping the data on the mainframe.


Valerie Dennis is the managing editor of IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition.

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New Products Bring Together Transactions and Analytics

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