Sponsored Advertising Content: IBM Z Champions Recognized at SHARE Sacramento

The program has been around for several years, but SHARE Sacramento was the first time that Champions have been identified for IBM Z*. Forty-six social influencers were recognized for effectively advocating on behalf of the Z platform in 2018. Kyle Beausoleil, software engineer at Rocket Software, was one of the individuals honored. After graduating from school, mainframes weren’t on his radar at all, mostly because it’s a technology that most college students rarely hear about.

“The mainframe needs to be introduced as the culmination of years of experience that it is,” Beausoleil told SHARE. “Getting people to talk about the mainframe as it relates to the modern world will be a momentous task as it requires all of us to change the way we ourselves perceive it,” he says.

“If the entire industry embraces the mainframe as the best tool to complete modern needs and seeks out the markets that would gain the most benefit from its body of work, once again, the mainframe could become the talk of the tech world.”

Kyle Beausoleil
Software engineer, Rocket Software

Kyle Beausoleil has worked on a variety of projects on z/OS, predominantly dealing with storage solutions.


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