Sponsored Advertising Content: Building a Legacy of Resiliency on Z With Automation Through Analytics

Companies are struggling with the reality of responding to the quickly changing business environment of digital, analytics, Internet of Things, etc. which, by itself, is challenging, while at the same time facing new regulations, (GDPR anyone?), malware threats and restricted budgets and resources.

The mainframe environment is no different, except it isn’t sexy. The data that resides on it is the foundation of much of the digital transformation data. It requires more protection than ever before to ensure always-on access, but it isn’t always considered at risk or in need of attention. Your business and customers demand tighter SLAs and the Batch Risk is due to manual processes in an automated world. It’s understood that replication alone for operational resiliency isn’t enough. Having useable point-in-time backups are a necessity to fight today’s threats, but “useable” implies automated intelligence is being applied to those copies. With that, now you are truly resilient.

21st Century Software applies that intelligence with VFI. Analytics with automation is key to improving any process but especially the very manually driven batch process.

Rebecca Levesque
CEO, 21st Century Software

Rebecca has 20-plus years of experience working with clients on storage management, migration and resiliency strategies.


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