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Encrypting Tape Storage

Taking the next step in mainframe-encryption capability.

The planned tape subsystem encryption will deploy a Java technology-based key manager, which is designed to be run on many different OSs and supports the new TS1120 tape drives with encryption. For mainframe customers, the new functionality of z/OS key management can provide added value. This Java technology-based key manager is a collaborative effort that combines the expertise of the server and the storage teams, notes Brad Johns, storage tape-encryption project manager, IBM Systems and Technology Group, storage tape-market management. In working on this project, the teams asked: "How do we make this key management really work in a complex enterprise and across platforms?" The answer lies with hardware (storage) and software encryption using compatible key management.

"Using mainframe concepts, we've brought centralized key management to the distributed platforms, too," says Sutton. "That helps avoid change to the deployed software in the field. The less stuff you have to change, the easier it is to implement."

Enterprise-Wide Solution

No matter what sector your business is in, this solution can help you protect your valuable data. And that's a comfort, especially with the growing number of laws aimed at protecting sensitive information.

Security lapses cost plenty and the effects are so far-reaching that clients shouldn't need to be persuaded that they need the new protection - especially since it's simple and flexible, and can help safeguard data. IBM's tape encryption with key management isn't, according to Moore, "just a z/OS technology-focused solution. It's an enterprise-wide solution."

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Encrypting Tape Storage

Taking the next step in mainframe-encryption capability.

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