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Consider IBM FlashSystem for the Biggest Business Benefit

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If you’re a decision-maker in an enterprise determined to make more, spend less and move faster, you need data storage that’s efficient and high performing. Organizations as diverse as online retailers, healthcare providers, public utilities and research institutions are realizing that how well their information systems perform strongly affects how well their organizations perform.

Yet the amount of digital information and how fast it must move are essentially doubling every two years while IT budgets and staff remain static or are slashed. This creates a relentless drive in the IT world to do more with less—faster computing, more accurate and in-depth analytics, smarter and easier-to-use business and research tools, less manual labor, less complexity, greater efficiency—and all at lower cost.

IBM FlashSystem offers lower cost per terabyte and much higher performance. Plus it provides the best storage virtualization and management software available.

The performance of data storage systems plays a crucial role in enabling enterprises of all sizes and types to achieve important objectives such as faster decision-making, better customer service or smaller data center budgets. Because storage is so critical, organizations should look for reliable and fast solutions. With the shifts in the marketplace, IBM FlashSystem* solutions could be the answer. IBM FlashSystem all-flash storage technology is purpose-engineered from the circuit to the chassis for the future of business itself.

The rise of the Internet has certainly helped fuel the need for higher performance storage. In fact, e-commerce has become a driving force of global economics. Business-to-customer sales facilitated by the Internet surpassed $1 trillion several years ago, according to IBM research, and will soon account for more than 5 percent of all worldwide economic activity. The influence of e-commerce is growing in the overall marketplace by about 20 percent every year.

Online shoppers don’t want to wait for information before making buying decisions; they demand rapid responses. But rich and complex Web pages with dynamic content take longer to load, especially on mobile devices, creating a fundamental challenge for e-commerce providers. As utilization and market opportunity grow, the IT backbone supporting e-commerce becomes a critical path component to success. Retail websites that quickly and reliably deliver product information and interact with customers usually increase both market share and profitability.

Few industries have been so affected and accelerated by the Internet as the financial services sector, especially equities trading. Core banking systems are getting faster as they turn from pure systems of record to systems of customer engagement, with new online and mobile access rates increasing dramatically. On the securities side of the house, equities sales occur in milliseconds. Throughout the financial sector these trends lead to fierce competition where the performance of IT infrastructure makes the difference between the firms that capture market share and profits and those that don’t. System latency and scalability are critical to applications in this environment.

A Wild New World

Obviously, the list can go on and on. The traditional business examples of retail and finance existed long before the Internet but have recently been dramatically transformed by it, and thus so have their data storage needs. But the future of online enterprise is a wild new world. The Internet has not only transformed traditional businesses, it has fostered the creation of entirely new industries, inspired new avenues for theft and crime, and even enabled a new model for delivering compute services. This exploding new world of commerce and interaction, legal and otherwise, is driving an arms race of new data storage technologies and solutions, all based on the ever accelerating need for speed.

Mobile computing and online social engagement are two of these entirely new enterprises spawned by the Internet. They’re already profoundly changing the arena of global business and society. Proliferating mobile technology and the spread of social business are empowering people with knowledge, enriching them through networks and changing their expectations. Complementing traditional back-office systems of record, enterprises are now taking a systematic approach to engagement with all of their constituencies—customers, employees, partners, investors and citizens. For example, 57 percent of companies now expect to devote more than a quarter of their IT spending to mobile and social systems of engagement by 2016, nearly twice the levels of 2013.

Dave Gimpl is a senior technical staff member with IBM Flash Optimized Solutions.

Neal Ekker is a technical writer at IBM.

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