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(E)JES V4R6.0


Phoenix Software International; Los Angeles

AT A GLANCE: This systems-management tool provides administrators with information to monitor, manage and control job-entry subsystems (JESs). The latest version provides an ISFCALLS REXX host command environment that allows (E)JES users to run execs written to exploit IBM’s SDSF REXX API (introduced in z/OS* 1.9) on z/OS 1.2 and higher.

DETAILS: This release also includes enhancements to Phoenix Software’s native programmable APIs–called from Assembler, COBOL, C, PL/I and REXX–to provide high-performance processing of a nearly unlimited number of objects with minimal virtual-storage requirements.

OS SUPPORT: z/OS* 1.2 and above

PRICE: Variable

PHONE: (310) 338-0400




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