zCost Management Releases V 4.1 of AutoSoftCapping

PARIS, FRANCE, November 6, 2017–zCost Management announces today the release of version 4.1 of its mainframe software AutoSoftCapping. In a continuous attempt to improve its software and provide its customers with the best possible product, zCost Management focused its efforts on delivering users with higher efficiency in cost and service delivery management by improving AutoSoftCapping’s performance. This results in a more powerful algorithm for dynamic capacity allocation.

In this new version, customers will enjoy a set of new features enabling the prioritization of MSUs within a partition, 100% accurate data matching IBM’s SCRT and greater flexibility in the dynamic defined capacity adjustment, to name a few. Furthermore, zCost Management improved the user experience and software operability for quicker responsiveness and extra data readability. Finally, to stay on top of security requirements, the Web-interface was upgraded for security protocol, thus enabling data privacy.

About AutoSoftCapping
AutoSoftCapping, or ASC, automatically and dynamically adjusts clients’ defined capacity levels while ensuring quality of service, resulting in a lower Monthly License Charge bill. Furthermore, AutoSoftCapping offers user-friendly and in-depth web reporting to track activity and quickly identify opportunities for improvement. The combination of task automation and detailed activity monitoring frees precious time for mainframe experts to focus on other, high value-added, activities.



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