zCost Management Announces Acquisition of Dino Explorer Suite

PARIS, FRANCE, January 30, 2018– zCost Management, one of the leading company in mainframe cost control, announced today the acquisition of Dino Explorer Suite, a non-intrusive solution collecting mainframe data in real-time without CPU impact, from one of its partner 4bears Technologies. With Dino Explorer Suite, zCost Management now offers a full software offering for planning, controlling, and analyzing Mainframe resources, as well as cost and business services behaviors. This acquisition is also the first step towards the company’s strategy to change the face of IT Operation Analytics.

Business digitalization comes with new challenges and forces companies to implement new solutions for data protection, agile development, and cloud computing. Nonetheless, budget and resources remain limited and need to be controlled. As mainframes are key to the core business of many corporations, IT managers need to understand the big picture behind their operational data to take better decisions. After all, Mainframes are processing 30 billion business transactions per day and managing 80% of all corporate data.
With the acquisition of Dino Explorer Suite, zCost Management now empower companies to:
  • Sharpen their hardware investments and software expenses plan to honor their commitments towards customers, and to have better leverage with their vendors.
  • Control and monitor their Mainframe resources and expenses, through online monitoring and real time MSU consumption.
  • Analyze their mainframe data for quick and focused IT business decisions

About Dino Explorer Suite
Dino Explorer Suite covers a wide range of mainframe technologies using a unique and non-intrusive technology to collect real-time data without any CPU impact. Dino Explorer suite integrates in companies’ existing Big Data tools to provide an Enterprise IT Operations Analytics solution including exhaustive Mainframe data.



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