Vanguard Integrity Professionals Announce Vanguard Administrator

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Vanguard Integrity Professionals is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its Vanguard Administrator solution available across its enterprise-wide cybersecurity software suite.  Vanguard Administrator™ saves time and money by simplifying and automating security administration tasks. Administrator enables enterprises to operate with reduced headcount and improved security, while increasing workload.

  • Can your Cybersecurity tools help you implement the most stringent security and compliance programs AVAILABLE for your Security environment?
  • Can your security tools enable less technical staff to perform security administration that would normally take hundreds of hours to implement?
  • Can they easily handle increased workloads and complex administration of your enterprise environment?
  • Vanguard's powerful automation features drastically reduce your administration time and costs, so your security team can handle workloads that are more complex.
  • Vanguard provides rapid discovery and repair of issues before they become a disaster for you, your team and organization.
  • Identify, isolate and notify your security team of risks found so you can take the appropriate corrective actions.
  • Identify problems quickly and eliminate human error.
  • Reduce time and improve quality security administration and analysis, ultimately reducing the chance of a security breach within your enterprise.
  • Safely and accurately maintain security policies, keeping you and your fellow executives out of trouble.
  • Vanguard's comprehensive automation features dramatically reduce time and cost allowing your security team to handle more complex security emergencies.


"Vanguard is committed to continual advancement of our cybersecurity products and solutions, especially when the risk to critical enterprise data is so high," said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer at Vanguard.  "We continue to enhance and improve our already high-performance solutions.  Vanguard's powerful Administrator™ solution satisfies regulatory compliance requirements by providing significant reporting and data mining of access and authority on Large Enterprise Systems. Additionally, Administrator provides security staff with complete understanding of their security environment."

Key Takeaways

  • Ease of creating reports without knowing a proprietary command syntax.
  • Ability to generate commands without knowing specific command syntax, via user-friendly menus.
  • Ability to generate thousands of commands for mass updates, savings reflected in productivity and reduction in time required to manually type the actual command syntax.
  • Vanguard Administrator's functionality allows administrators to use the solution without any required training.
  • Ability to invoke other Vanguard products natively from the Vanguard Administrator Main Menu.

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