Rocket Software Terminal Emulation Survey Reveals Trend Toward Web and Mobile Access

WALTHAM, Mass – November, 2018—Rocket Software Inc., a global technology provider specializing in application modernization and optimization, today unveiled the results of its 2018 Terminal Emulation Survey. You can view the summary findings here.

Nearly 40 percent of participants said that providing web and mobile access to their mainframe, IBM Power Systems servers, or other host-based system is a priority this year or early in 2019, while 15 percent already have such a solution in place. When asked why web and mobile access is a priority, 61 percent cited improved worker productivity, with 45 percent citing customer service improvements.

The survey findings are consistent with feedback Rocket is hearing from its customers. “Leveraging Rocket BlueZone Web gives us a consistent, web-based interface that allows our team to work much more efficiently regardless of the application,” explains Joe Simpson, Director of Software Development at transportation and shipping company Southeastern Freight Lines. “We’ve always been at the vanguard in the shipping industry by relying on technology to ‘drive our business’ and give us visibility throughout the shipping process from order to proof of delivery.”

“There may be a lack of knowledge in the marketplace regarding options for expanding access to mainframes via terminal emulators,” says Anjali Arora, Chief Product Officer at Rocket. “Providing web and mobile access to mission-critical applications is essential in today’s competitive business environment. That’s why innovative companies are exploiting the possibilities offered by web and mobile terminal emulation solutions. Today’s 24/7 workforce expects to be able to access job-specific data and apps regardless of physical location, time of day or device form factor.”

Survey respondents were also asked about satisfaction related to their current terminal emulator. Just under 50 percent reported being satisfied, saying they do not have plans to switch to another solution. Around 41 percent said that while they weren’t currently reviewing other options, they said they might investigate alternative approaches at some point in the future



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