Rocket Software Launches 2018 Terminal Emulation Survey

Waltham, MA (10 May 2018) – Rocket Software, a global technology provider specializing in application modernization and systems optimization, today launched its 2018 Terminal Emulation Survey to capture information on the types of platforms currently being accessed using a terminal emulator as well as the degree of satisfaction with current solutions and level of interest in changing partners or approach. 


“More and more organizations are rethinking their terminal emulation strategy in 2018,” said Tom Sheron, Rocket TE National Account Representative. “We are looking forward to learning more about current approaches and sharing a ‘point in time’ view of how terminal emulation has evolved and what companies are doing to take advantage of today’s more robust and flexible solutions.”

Specific questions will capture perspective on the relative importance of providing Web-enabled and mobile tools for access to host-based systems based on perceived business value and/or customer demand. Information from the survey will provide visibility into the perceived benefits driving terminal emulator adoption from improved customer service to reduced costs to enhanced worker productivity.


The 2018 Terminal Emulation Survey will be open until May 15th and Rocket is planning to publish a report on June 15th summarizing the findings. The survey can be accessed here. For questions regarding participation as well as access to the findings, please send a note to



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