HostBridge Technology Announces Availability of its HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connector Product

January 28, 2018--HostBridge Technology, a provider of mainframe integration solutions for the enterprise, announces the availability of the HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connector (HTAC), software for enterprises whose mobile, web or cloud applications are supported by CICS transactions on the back end. HTAC allows analytics platforms or SIEM solutions to capture end-to-end analytic data for transactions from their point of origin up to and including the CICS transactions that participate in fulfilling requests.

HTAC addresses a SIEM visibility gap that has long existed when end user activity involves CICS transactions on the back end. 

HTAC was developed specifically for organizations that use CICS transactions to deliver functionality to end users through mobile, cloud or web applications.  Because it runs on the mainframe and under CICS, HTAC exploits CICS Transaction Tracking functionality.  This CICS functionality provides a foundation for tracking related transactions across CICS regions. However, CICS Transaction Tracking has few capabilities for actually identifying the origin of the request.  Through its Patent Pending approach, HTAC extracts origin data received with requests coming to CICS via HTTP or CICS Transaction Gateway, and adds this information to the data managed by CICS Transaction Tracking.  By working hand-in-hand with CICS, HTAC preserves and propagates this externally specified origin data and ensures that it is ultimately included in the SMF records created by CICS for the transactions. This entire set of correlated data then becomes available to SIEM platforms and monitors, creating a complete, end-to-end view of the transaction.

IBM provided a solid foundation for tracking activities within the CICS environment with the Transaction Tracking functionality.

HTAC works as a standalone solution for enterprises that need to include transaction data from CICS applications with their analytics platforms.  It also complements solutions like Syncsort Ironstream® that make data from other z/OS sources visible to analytics platforms like Splunk. HostBridge is an authorized reseller of Syncsort Ironstream®.

Pricing and Availability

The HostBridge Transaction Analytics Connector becomes available for download from the HostBridge website mid-February, 2018.

HTAC follows a value-based pricing model that determines licensing cost based on the daily number of correlations it performs.  Prospective customers can use a free, 45-day test license to determine how many correlations HTAC performs as an aid to purchasing the right license.

Daily volume of correlated transactions

Total Annual License Cost

Less than 1,000 Free
1,000 to 99,999 $ 4,000
100,000 to 999,999 $ 9,000
1 million to 9,999,999 $12,000
10 million or more $21,000

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