INNOVATION Data Processing Will Release FDR/UPSTREAM Web Portal v2.0.00 on March 31, 2017

FDR/UPSTREAM, from the makers of FDR, is now the only z/OS mainframe storage solution available on the market for file level data protection for Linux on z Systems and USS data.

The continued dominance of large amounts of storage being retained has created a tremendous challenge for corporate data centers to manage and protect their most important corporate asset; their data. The z/OS mainframe with its unmatched RAS, (reliability, availability and serviceability) and, outstanding I/O bandwidth and well restricted and protected environment provides an excellent platform for data protection.

The FDR/UPSTREAM Web Portal introduces a new way to manage some of the administration and operation of the UPSTREAM clients. The UPSTREAM Web Portal complements the UPSTREAM DIRECTOR, the existing client administrative user interface, enhancing the tool kit currently available to the UPSTREAM administrator.

The UPSTREAM Web Portal provides Data Protection Storage administrators and more technical End-Users a web-hosted environment managing elements of the data protection, the storage management process and data recovery.

The UPSTREAM Web Portal collects detailed information about the installed inventory of UPSTREAM clients including version, Operating systems platform, storage server it connects to, DNS or IP address, members of any groups, etc. This compilation of information provides a consistent dashboard view to the storage administrator for any of the supported UPSTREAM clients.

The new Web Portal v2.0.00 features a more pleasant user experience with a cleaner look and feel, with support added for Oracle, SQL Server and MYSQL databases. It also introduces support for scheduled backup of VMware clients, and introduces a new way to manage some of the administration and operation of the UPSTREAM clients.



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