Mobile Computing on the Mainframe

IBM Systems Magazine, along with SHARE and GUIDE SHARE Europe, has conducted its first-ever, in-depth mobile computing survey of mainframe users. Unisphere Research polled our readers and member of those two organizations to determine:

  • The pervasiveness of mobile use among mainframe enterprises
  • The challenges surrounding mobile computing
  • The reasons for deploying mobile solutions and much more

This information was synthesized into a Mainframe Mobile Special Report that includes analysis from Joe Clabby of Clabby Analytics as well as input from two readers whose companies are currently deploying mainframe solutions.


Mobile Security

When asked the question during the Mobile Computing on the Mainframe readership survey, “what are the greatest challenges in extending mobile to the enterprise that your organization is facing today?”, 53 percent of readers responded that security was one of the top areas of concern.

To address the concerns about security, IBM Systems Magazine will go in-depth on the security challenges that mainframe shops face when implementing mobile computing solutions in a follow up report.


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