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We're excited to announce that Hot Topics articles (content formerly contained in the z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter) will now be shared and hosted on the IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition, website from the new Hot Topics landing page. Going digital allows us to get information to you quickly.

In addition to the website, you'll find Hot Topics information shared across a number of other channels, including IBM Systems Magazine’s print edition and social media.

Hot Topics will emphasize an easygoing approach to informing you about new or little-understood aspects of the z Systems platform. Plus, you can be assured that we will include helpful hints and tips along the way.

We will continue to hold true to the original purpose of Hot Topics content: connecting you with the people who design, code, test, document, teach and support z/OS and its products. You'll know you are reading IBM Hot Topics information provided by our z Systems technical leaders and experts when you see the Hot Topics logo.

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